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Paula Keen


Hello, you may be finding it difficult to cope at the moment and feeling overwhelmed and swamped with life's pressures. Perhaps you have suffered a loss, a trauma or are struggling to make sense of your present or past experiences. Does it feel like you have too many anxious thoughts on your mind and are finding it hard to prioritise or want to escape?

I can help by providing you with a safe, warm, understanding space. A time reserved just for you each week, to unravel your thoughts and take the weight off your shoulders, by sharing whatever is on your mind with me. I will help you to explore your emotions and better understand your feelings and experiences.

A trusting relationship between you and your counsellor is the key to successful therapy, therefore, it's important that you choose the right counsellor for you. Someone you feel relaxed with and able to relate to. I am here to listen with empathy and we will work together to help you find peace of mind and a way forward.

'The Rosebank Wellbeing Centre, offers guidance, support and treatment for your overall Wellness in keeping both a Healthy Body and a Healthy Mind.

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