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Steve Yeomans M.F.H.T. is a qualified Sports Therapist with over 20 years experience treating muscular sports injuries and providing soft tissue manipulation.

Steve is dedicated to identifying the cause of your problem and treating you thoroughly with his specialist knowledge.

Mobile Muscle Therapy treats all muscular sports injuries, back & neck pain and can provide pre & post-event rehabilitation – we can also advise on training & injury prevention. An initial assessment will help determine the cause of the pain and the appropriate treatment.

Steve offers a range of massage and stretching techniques to treat everyday and sporting muscular issues.

• Back and shoulder pain
• Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation
• Kinesio taping
• Muscular sports injury
• Postural analysis
• Postural imbalance
• Sports massage
• Repetitive strain injuries
• Sciatica and hip pain
• Soft tissue manipulation
• Work related stress issues

Steve Yeomans

Steve Yeomans

Sports Therapist

'The Rosebank Wellbeing Centre, offers guidance, support and treatment for your overall Wellness in keeping both a Healthy Body and a Healthy Mind.

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