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Andrea Thomas

Health, Life & Mindset Coach

Hiya, My name is Andrea and I am a certified Health, Life and Mindest Coach, and I get it! I have been exactly where you are now.


I help and support people who have been through a tough time with their health and it has now spiraled out of control and is now affecting all aspects of their life.


Are you coping with a loss of health or maybe a diagnosis? Is your energy non existent or maybe you are trying to manage chronic fatigue? Are your hormones all over the place and you crave feeling ‘normal’ again?  Is this crazy busy world we live in taking you down a rabbit hole of stress, anxiety and overwhelm and you have no idea where to turn and just spend your time going round and round in circles getting nowhere fast?


Do you keep asking yourself…….is this it? Is this all I have to look forward to? Is this just life? Suck it up and get on with it?


I will help inspire and empower you to take back control of your health and body so that you can go forward and live your best life. As a Certified Coach I am a habit change specialist and I have a proven programme that will uncover what is keeping you stuck, and by using modern behavioural science techniques and language we will re-wire the brain and install new healthy habits that will last.


You will give yourself the healthiest life possible full of energy, passion, confidence and with a joyous resilience to be able to manage and cope with life’s inevitable setbacks.


I already this version of you already exists, lets go and find you ……….

'The Rosebank Wellbeing Centre, offers guidance, support and treatment for your overall Wellness in keeping both a Healthy Body and a Healthy Mind.

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