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Hi I am Jaynie,


I will bring the knowledge of sports science to help you perform and achieve your fitness goals and keep injuries at bay. I do this under my brand FitLab which I set up to provide a range of fitness tests and health checks, designed for the everyday athlete to help them achieve their best possible sporting performance by increasing their level of efficiency and eliminating the risk of injury.

I am a very keen active sportsperson and after playing a multitude of racket sports have now become enthused by running and cycling. I have participated in a whole spectrum  of running distances ranging from quick 5K’s to Lakeland 50mile and Gritstone 36mile trail ultras.  On the bike I now compete in regular sportive along with hill and time trials.  My short-term goal is to complete the Maratona dles Dolomites gran fondo by 2021.  

I have a strong passion for sport and the science and craved the knowledge to understand how the human body performs during exercise. I am a qualified sport science technician and specialise in the biomechanics of running movement. 

I obtain a BS(Hons) in Exercise and Sport Science and have gained seven years working experience dealing with a variety of running and sporting body performance issues. I am constantly researching new inventions of how we as sports performers enhance ourselves physically.         

Jaynie Turner

Jaynie Turner

Fitness Test and Assessments

FitLab cover a variety of physiological and biomechanical tests. These include biomechanical foot assessments (using applied forces), lactate threshold tests, body composition assessments and muscle activation assessments using EMG data. 

I am here to help all athletes of any ability enhance their fitness and training by providing up to date sport science data. This will be presented in easy to understand format within a safe and friendly environment.            

'The Rosebank Wellbeing Centre, offers guidance, support and treatment for your overall Wellness in keeping both a Healthy Body and a Healthy Mind.

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