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Back Pain Treatment

Keeping your fitness in check

Seeing a Sports Therapist can be beneficial for athletes of all levels. A Sports Therapist can help prevent injuries, improve performance, and aid in recovery from injuries. They can also provide guidance on proper training techniques and offer support for mental and emotional well-being. Whether you're a professional athlete or just starting out, an initial appointment with our Sports Therapist will help identify the root cause of any injury or tightness and explain what course of action to take to keep you active. 

Steve Yeomans

Sports Therapist

Steve Yeomans M.F.H.T. is a qualified Sports Therapist with over 20 years experience treating muscular sports injuries and providing soft tissue manipulation.

Steve is dedicated to identifying the cause of your problem and treating you thoroughly with his specialist knowledge.

Mobile Muscle Therapy treats all muscular sports injuries, back & neck pain and can provide pre & post-event rehabilitation – we can also advise on training & injury prevention. An initial assessment will help determine the cause of the pain and the appropriate treatment.

Steve offers a range of massage and stretching techniques to treat everyday and sporting muscular issues.

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Lee Wilkinson

Sports Therapist

I am a sports therapist / Sports massage therapist graduating from Active Health Group in Manchester and hold a L5 Diploma in Advanced Clinical Sports Therapy & Remedial Therapy qualification dealing with all musculoskeletal issues. 

I am a full member of the Sports Therapy Organisation as well as the Sports Massage Association and a member of the CNHC too. 

Having treated many runners and athletes from all backgrounds and abilities. I have an extensive knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and Bio-mechanics and movement patterns of the body to help treat all kinds of injuries that may occur. 

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