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Gait and Biomechanics

Gait and biomechanics are essential components of human movement. The kinetic chain, which refers to the interdependence of joints and muscles during movement, plays a crucial role in maintaining properait and biomechanics. Understanding these concepts can help improve athletic performance, prevent injuries, and enhance overall quality of life.

Fitlabtesting offer a range of tests and assessments using sports science to help you stay fit and healthy and achieve your fitness goals.

Fitlab Tests and Assessments



Three times your own body weight loads through the body and onto your feet at every run step you take. Making sure your kinetic chain is loading proportionately to your muscle group is the key.

We offer 3 levels of running assessments which we have categorised into BronzeSilver and Gold. We also offer a Lactate Threshold Test which is a great test if you are distance running.

All our assessments are for the everyday person and will be tuned to the relevant performance level. We use “Gait-On video analysis” and “Footscan Plate” technology.

All assessments are carried out by fully qualified staff in a friendly relaxed environment.



Having your bike set up to you is probably one of the most important things when riding your bike. Many injuries can come from poot set up causing discomfort and injuries.

We have designed a range of bike fittings, tests and assessments for everyone from the social rider to proactive club cyclist.

We offer 3 levels of cycling assessments which we have categorised into Bronze, Silver and Gold.



The are many health benefits in regular walking both for the mind and body, so keeping a good posture and having a good biomechanical technique is very important so you can enjoy this versatile exercise.

The impact and distribution of the loading through the kinetic chain of the body through to feet is very repetitive with a walking exercise, this is very similar to running although the impact is lower as both feet will be on the ground at impact.

Our walking tests and assessments will identify the efficiency of your biomechanical walking gait and where issues might arise.

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