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Fitness Classes

We run fitness classes to improve core strength, flexibility and body movement this will help towards your overall wellness of a healthy mind and healthy body

Current timetable

Body Stretch

This is instructed by

Donna Archibald

from Pure Stretch.

The sessions are in 6 weeks block at a cost of £40

Monday Evenings

Class 1 : 7.00pm

Class 2 : 8.00pm


This is instructed by

Denise Fraser.

We currently run 3 sessions:

Beginners Yoga

Wednesday 6pm

Vinyasa Yoga

Wednesday 7:15pm

Yoga and Mindfulness

Thursday 9:30am


This is instructed by

Giorgio De Carolis

a body movement coach.

Thursday Evenings


Studio room 2.jpg

Our Small Studio

We have created a small studio from one of our old stock rooms and are delighted to to have Donna, Denise and Giorgio as instructors.

Each class will have no more than 8 clients at a time, creating an ideal spaces in which to instruct a personalised class a cater for all abilities.

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